Villa Real Bridge Realignment

Cost management for bridge realignment

Elvet were originally appointed two years ago; however due to the industrial history of the site and a range of unforeseen issues, the scheme was prevented from starting as originally planned. Working closely with Durham Neighbourhood Services and the main contractor, we are now in position to deliver a project that meets the original objectives whilst offering a long-term viable solution to an important transport link.

The project is due to start in May 2016.

The main objectives of the project and schedule of works includes:

  • The removal of a weak bridge and the associated weight restriction
  • To enhance the appearance of the location by the removal of a redundant bridge and remodel the approach embankments and develop the adjoining land
  • Construction of 0.5 kilometres of new or improved single carriageway road (7.3 to 10 metres wide) and side road junctions
  • Construction of 3.5 metre wide path to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists and provide continuity of the C2C route
  • Installation of new traffic signs

Our role, as Project Manager under the contract is to administrate the scheme in accordance with the NEC3 Option B contract on behalf of Durham Neighbourhood Services to ensure it is delivered on time and within budget. In addition, the Site Supervisor role places emphasis on us to ensure that the works are delivered in accordance with the drawings and specification to the desired quality levels.

Durham Neighbourhood Services have been awarded the BS11000: Collaborative Business Relationships, which promotes and emphasises the importance of partnering in the successful delivery of projects and long-term partnerships. Villa Real has been selected as the first project to be delivered in accordance with the new management systems and Elvet have been working closely with the project team to embed the policies and procedures into the project delivery.

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