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Case Study: HUSK

HUSK pilot scheme
Karbon HomesHUSK Project – Pilot SchemeProject Manager / Cost Manager / Energy AssessorFebruary 2018£800,000


HUSK is a UK first in innovative modular housing. HUSK creates value by transforming derelict and difficult to develop garage sites, which can be a maintenance headache for landlords and a haven for anti-social behaviour, into light, airy and energy efficient bungalows in just 12 weeks.
HUSK responds to a social need by developing high quality housing to enable older people to remain in their local community, while freeing up larger homes for families. In the delivery of HUSK Elvet use Building Information Modelling techniques and laser precision engineering to design and manufacture units to exact measurements and standards.
With the patent pending, HUSK really is a truly ‘cutting edge’ innovation.


Elvet were appointed delivery partners with HUSK in 2015, providing a range of surveying and project management services. During the formative years of developing the concept our role was predominately centred around cost management to ensure that the proposal was financially viable for the sector. This included supply chain management to ensure that competent experienced suppliers, manufacturers and contractors were in place to deliver the modular units.
Elvet’s role further developed acting as HUSK’s quantity surveyor preparing the initial contract sum for the client approval, agreement of subcontractor packages, contract negotiation with the client and supply chain, general administration of the contract, client and subcontractor valuations and dispute resolution.
Although the programme is always important to the successful, delivery of any construction project, it was even more critical for off site construction. Elvet developed and monitored the overall project programme to ensure that key milestones were met to avoid all unnecessary delays.
Elvet’s on-construction SAP assessor also provided advice on the energy performance of the proposed units. This included working closely with the design team to ensure that u-values represented the proposed build with the overall SAP rating the highest that could be achieved and cost-effective measures to achieve the desired thermal and energy efficiency (Band C).


HUSK developments offer the following added value:

  • Unlocks garage infill sites with a turn key package of design enabling work and off-site housing construction.
  • Units are manufactured in a factory-controlled conditions improving the overall build quality. Additionally, progress is not impacted by weather conditions
  • Reduces the amount of time required on site limiting the impact to the local community and releasing the units for rent sooner.
  • By utilising the existing structure HUSK negates issues with close overlooking distances and party wall complications.
  • HUSK utilises the existing garage structures, which limits the amount of structural work required i.e. substructure.

Elvet has brought added value to HUSK by:

  • Developing and implementing cost control measures with the supply chain to ensure that the proposal is financially viable for HUSK.
  • Chairing value engineering workshops with HUSK supply chain to ensure that the product that is offered meets our client requirements within budget constraints.
  • Our energy assessor has worked closely with HUSK designers to ensure that the product meets Building Control requirements. Additionally, the assessor has identified ways to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling to the benefit of the end user.
  • Elvet have developed a robust development programme from inception to completion with set gateways that need to be completed before the next stage is commenced. This was created through a post contract review between the client, supply chain, project consultants and HUSK that reflects actual performance issues from the first pilot scheme.


HUSK uses innovative technology and construction methods. As a result, modules fit neatly inside the garage footprint and match up perfectly to the services.
The bungalows are fully designed and co-ordinated using BIM, this ensures accuracy and coordination with the existing structure, the modular manufacturer and the setting out.
Elvet, using their cost management software, have completed detailed take-offs direct from the BIM model. The take off information is directly linked to our Bill of Quantity production software that provides greater transparency and accuracy with the information provided.

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