Feasibility study in Scotland

We carried out a feasibility study on a multi-story block of apartments in Tarfside, Scotland on behalf of Mears Group.

We were asked to provide a consultancy service to determine if the flats were appropriate for External Wall Insulation and a new community heating source using renewable technology.

We visited the block of flats to confirm existing construction and their condition including the identification of any issues that may prohibit the proposed system.

Due to the inclusion of a renewable community heating system, we prepared full SAP calculation to determine the estimated carbon savings connected with upgrading the current space heating.

Our final report confirmed the following:

  • Suitability of the asset in terms of ECO funding;
  • Carbon emission reduction for each measure that determined the amount of funding that could be secured; and
  • Confirmation that the proposed systems were feasible including additional measures that could be included to increase the amount of carbon saving.